Before Hiring Your First Employees, Use These Suggestions

22 March 2017
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Starting to hire people to help you out with your business can be an exciting sign of how well things are proceeding for your company. However, before you rush out and put a classified ad in the paper or online, do these things first.

Learn the Relevant Laws

You might not realize how many workplace-related laws are in place, and you might not think you really need to know about them just to hire a few people to work for you. However, not knowing the law can lead to problems. For example, you might want to ask someone about their age without realizing that some age-related questions could in fact be illegal. You need to be aware of what the laws are so that you don't unwittingly cause legal trouble for yourself.

It's also important for you to learn about anti-discrimination and harrassment laws as well. You should be well aware of what is and is not permitted in terms of jokes and other work communications so that you don't accidentally offend someone or cause legal problems.

Craft an Employment Policy

Another thing to do before hiring anyone is to sit down and think carefully about what rules you want to have in place for all workers. You might want to institute a no-smoking policy or provide a certain amount of personal sick time. Rather than having to explain the rules every single time you hire someone new, it's useful to have them laid out in an official company binder or manual. Developing a manual ensures that everyone knows what kind of conduct is acceptable at your company and can help you to avoid a number of problems that happen when people don't know what the rules are.

Hire a Compensation Strategy Expert

You probably already have some ideas in mind for how much you will be paying your employees, but when you consider health insurance, worker's compensation insurance and other costs, compensation can become more complicated than you expect. That's why it's smart to hire an expert in compensation strategies, such as Fox Lawson & Associates, A Division of Gallagher Benefit Services Inc. This professional will help you come up with adequate compensation plans for each of the employee types you plan to hire. Not only that, but they will help you predict future costs as you provide raises and other incentives for the workers you do hire. A compensation strategy expert can also help you determine whether your own salary should be amended. Having a professional work with you on these issues can help you avoid financial problems that can arise from inadequate or poorly planned wage structures.

When you've had time to do everything suggested in this article, you can confidently reach out to prospective employees. Keep working closely with your compensation consultant, lawyer and other professionals along the way.